Project ShapLudu (Game for Java Mobile)

I never thought that making software for java mobile would be that much easy, from my first day of J2ME programming, i have started this project of making a ShapLudu Game for Java mobile! As it is my first application and since i have taken a lot of university courses this semester (It is my fault, I should not have taken risk in the name of adventure! i am not blaming any one for that!) but it is really a tough semester for me! it was really default to allocate time for making something which is extra curricular right now. But in fact i have failed to control myself from giving a try to making something really new!

May be it is bad, maybe it is worst, but it is my own work!
I am still working on it, so Feedback and Comments are welcome!
A GUI based board has also been introduced in this version and it also has a pointer which shows at which point of number the player is currently at. Had to fix the build in random number generation package of J2ME.
Introduced a Gui based dice which changes depending on the roll of dice and has changed most of code of previous versions so that it satisfies conventions of better programming.

Very basic structure of construction of a game has been made in this version, it deals with no GUI or any other interfaces other than command listening, Since it was my first application (more spacifically Game development) I wanted to make it work first so that i can get ensured that if i give effort to it, it won’t be fully waste of time.

I will count each Feedback or Comment as contribution!

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