Why Android app DOES NOT run on Java Virtual Machine!

I had a misconception for like years that as we write code in java for android application so there must be an JVM [just like on J2ME mobiles ] in underline android Operating System but actually I was actually wrong. So I have written a little bit on the differences.
Its true that for most of the android development we use java and we need to compile it like other java development. When in our IDE we hit compile button it also generates Java byte-code files which will be better understood if I say .class files. But later on these .class files get compressed and get converted into a single byte code file using DX converter which usually known as classes.dex. Then this dex filles packaged with other application resources and become a .apk file. We can install this .apk file in the devices. When we run this application, JRE does not run the .dex file instead Dalvik Virtual Machine executes that dex bit codes.
Since JVM and Delvik are turing complete, so basically end of the day they do the same things. But it has internal differences. The key difference is that JVM is stack-based, while Dalvik is register based.
I think it will be better if we remind the example of stack based addition and register based addition.
In an stack stack based addition when we need to add a set of numbers we put all of them into a stack then we would pop top two and add them up then again we would push that summation in the stack and we will pop two and sum them up and we will repeat this process until the stack is empty. So it takes minimal process to implement stack based VM because only 2 register can do it. Which is very important for JVM because it supports a wide range of devices.

On the other hand register based system it requires to tell the explicit memory location in the memory if we want it to add. But the average register instruction is larger than an average stack instruction. once we tell them the location explicitly we don’t need to go through all this over head of push, pop which helps android to run on slow CPU and less RAM. Additionally in register based virtual machine few optimization can be done which on low battery consumption. DVM has been designed so that a device can run multiple instances of the VM efficiently.

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