This is Sadaf Noor. You might feel that i am the most boring guy you can ever find but eventually i may agree on that.

Most probably I had my first crush  when i was a kid, it was on Asimo and it was the age to get fascinated. Still now fascination of new things keep me living. I always wanted to make something more interesting than any other things that I have already known and that’s why i chose to be an engineer. I love the way of engineering teaching me to implement different logic.

Personally I love to learn from my mistakes but it does not mean that i would also love to do mistakes.

And I always want to surprise me as alyaws.


I want to be the master of micro-controller  and someday i want to learn all the answer of “all the hows” about the mechanism of electronics especially the computer.

I want to develop social application for site like Facebook and for Mobile platforms.

I also wanted to make a new Operating System which will replace Windows some other day and eventually Microsoft will also make software for my new OS platform. This could be an easy solution as I respect them and don’t want to make this brilliant company out of business.

Freelancing also sounds interesting to me but i keep on betting but never get a job in any of the sites :P.

Want to draw comic strips.

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